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What's with those HUGE wedding bouquets??

Holy cow....have you seen those brides with the crazy big bouquets? Is there something to be said for just doing what you want? Are you saying, its COVID and I should spend my flower budget how I want since the weddings are smaller? Well, I guess it could be those things....or then again a lot of today's brides want something unique and memorable.

So how do you choose the right size bouquet for you?

There are a few things to consider....

Lets start with your dress. If you opt for a large bouquet it is ultimately going to cover A LOT of your dress in the pictures. So maybe its a wise choice to choose a simple dress instead of covering up that showstopper with all of those gorgeous flowers. Along the same lines, a busy pattern on your stunning dress could fight with a large group of flowers, especially if you have chosen a bold color scheme.

Apryl Ann Photography

Now ask yourself, do you want your flowers to compliment your look or stand out as a big WOW? Sometimes when bouquets are to small they get lost and look, well kind of off, in your pictures and to your guests, and walking down the aisle isn't when you want to be second guessing the size of your bouquet. Am I right???

The first thing I will say is trust your designer. The best thing you can do to help them understand the look you are going for is provide LOTS of pictures of what you like. 9 times out of 10 your pictures will all have the same look and it will be easy for your designer to understand your look.

Understand proportion. If you are 4'8" and slim figured, a large bouquet is going to look really heavy in your pictures and well where did the bride go!? On the other hand if your bouquet is very small compared to your height and figure the bouquet will look like it was an afterthought.

The absolute easiest way to figure out what works for you is to roughly ask for a bouquet no larger that the width of your hips, give or take a little.

Now if you're feeling daring go big and go bold. The key is to make it look intentional. Word from the wise, if you like a big bouquet its probably not a good idea to ask for a whole bunch of small flowers. Be open to fun, different flower species that will give you a big, open and stunning bridal look.



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